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Meplis Care Monitor can help you on a broad range of projects going from existing questionnaires / protocols up fully tailored questionnaires with data capturing.

  • Create or Select

    The relevant monitoring track

  • Invite your Patient

    Via Web and/or Mobile

  • Monitor the Patient

    Reported data on a user friendly dashboard

  • Get Notified

    In case of deviations, adapt the care path to the needs of your patient

Discover Benefits

Secured Care Monitoring & Coordination.
Applicable to every medical condition.

Individual and Patients

Take part and Engage in self-monitoring
Help your Health Professional improve care to you.
Participate in preventive programs from your trusted organizations.

Easy and Secured participation in your Care path

  • Involvement in the treatment process;
  • Securely store and get direct access to your data.
  • Use friendly generic web/mobile application to respond to questions (avoid multiple applications);
  • Built-in alerts & notifications;

Better Care for you. Get Involved

  • Support early incidence discovery — preventive health;
  • Personalised & adjusted care based on your feedback;
  • Take ownership of your data and control who you share with.
Professionals and Nursing

Considerably increase patient safety by Intelligent Care Monitoring and early warning systems that help you intervene at an early stage and avoid the occurrence of critical events.

Gain efficiency and safe time:

  • Automated patient monitoring and reminders;
  • Limit in/outbound phone calls;
  • Built-in alerts & notifications;

Improved care coordination and outcomes:

  • Early incidence discovery — preventive health;
  • Empowerment — Better Care — Performance Data
  • Increased treatment acceptance, adherence & involvement;
  • Increased patient Satisfaction and Improved relations;
Providers and Payers

Comparable data — Standardisation of Care Monitoring and Coordination.

Reduced Costs & Increased Patient Satisfaction

  • Improved patient Satisfaction through involvement.
  • Higher quality of Care through early incidence and complication detection
  • Fewer readmissions and significant increases in survival

Standardization of Care Coordination and Monitoring

  • Improved outcome and performance reporting on patient, department and hospital level;
  • Improved data caption about effectiveness and care quality;
  • Central application for patient reported outcomes (both inside & outside the hospital walls);
  • Reduced inpatient and overall charges. Improved revenue and hospital utilization. Improved margins.

Care Monitoring

Increase monitoring effectiveness & efficiency
and improve Care Coordination


A User-friendly system for the most basic up to the most complex adaptive and personalized preventive programs.

  • Launch preventive campaigns and risk interventions to your target audience;
  • Inform individuals about personalised and relevant health risks;
  • Engage people with educational videos, images, interactive quizzes and more;
  • Help and guide people in support of behavioral change;
  • Personalize preventive guidance by using Decision tree logic;
  • Easily collect reported data and build your prevention engagement reports;
  • Gain efficiency with tools that automate your prevention guidance;
  • Empower participants with their own reported data;
  • Optimize care pathways based on preventive reporting.

Engage your patients before, during or after treatment and gain critical insights.

  • Collect treatment data from patients automatically;
  • Increase patient involvement and improve patient overall satisfaction;
  • Monitor the treatment process and personalise care pathways based on patient reported data;
  • Active alerts triggered by deviating/risk indicating answers;
  • Use case examples - benefits:

    • Waiting lists — shorten list, avoid no-shows, candidate profiling;
    • Preventive screaning of (risk) persons;
    • Avoid unnecessary readmissions (treat more individual patients);
    • Anamnese — consultation preparation.

Capture repetitive patient reported outcome automatically and see results in a centralized dashboard.

  • Gather patient reported outcomes (quality of life, pain levels, mobility, social life, ...);
  • Gather clinical data and combine with patient reported outcomes;
  • Drive standardization by using general accepted protocols (ICHOM, ...);
  • Use case examples:

    • Earlier detection of complications after hospital dismissal;
    • Performance tracking — long term patient tracking/quality of life;
    • More information/insight in the long term healing process;
    • Gather data for research.

Digitalize your clinical research projects or behavioral impact studies.

  • Set up your (ad hoc) data capturing project and database;
  • Improve protocol & study adherence via web & mobile apps;
  • Easily collect patient reported data and build your central outcome driven database;
  • Gain efficiency with tools that automate your clinical trial follow up (Safe time by avoiding in/outbound phone calls, multiple attempts to contact a patient, etc.);
  • Optimize care pathways based on study outcomes based on patient experience;
  • Automate the clinical trial process executed for Medical device/Pharma companies.

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2 Minimum Contract Term: 1 year.
2 Extra Administrator Additional € 5/mo per each extra administrator.
3 Enrolled participants A person that accepted the informed consent of the follow-up and for which new follow-ups are planned to be executed is considered enrolled. Additional € 200/mo per 200 extra enrolled participants

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