Science of Learning Applied

The CABG - OPCAB Portal from Serrey Consulting was created by a Prof. Em. from the University of Leuven to continue sharing knowledge with surgeons in training about OPCAB technique. Several thousands of surgeons went through the training throughout the years.


The training content, which features a lot of video material was also translated into mandarin and russian to gain a wider audience and to the benefit of the participants around the world.

Social Interaction

More recently, a social network was added to the CABG - Opcab training hub to allow participants to interact with each other and the KOL, without the need to send individual emails.

Self-Managed Success

The entire CABG-Opcab project is self-managed by Serrey Consulting without any additional services from Meplis. 

The project uses the Meplis SaaS solution to build an HCP engagement project and everything is managed in the administration interface by the client. 

The creation, management, and moderation of the network are all organized by Serrey Consulting. All content has been created and implemented by Serrey. The application is available on the web and as a mobile application on Android and iOS. 

We thank Serrey Consulting for choosing Meplis as a trusted partner in this project

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