ESGE Adherence Monitoring

HCP support tools - Protocol Adherence

The ESGE Quality Check Application allows healthcare professionals to verify their adherence to the protocols distributed by the ESGE. Different procedures have their own adherence monitoring pathways which comes with a number of Key Performance Indicators. The Meplis Monitoring systems measures the historic performance indicators on every case that is added to the system, giving every health professional a view on their overall adherence to protocol.

Advanced Conditionals

On each case performed by the health professionals, they are able to answer only those questions relevant to the procedures and depending on decisions made during the procedures. Using the conditionals in the Meplis algorithm builder, the number of questions required to add a case are limited to only those pertinent to calculate relevant KPIs.


The system allows HCPs to self-monitor their adherence over hundreds of cases they perform each year. No patient identifiers are added in the project. The remote monitoring support system is available on web and as mobile app on Android and iOS.

Learning Healthcare System

The ESGE created a simple user-friendly support system for HCP protocol adherence monitoring using Meplis B2B SaaS technology without any customization. 

Meplis helped the ESGE with the implementation of the algorithms, each algorithm taking more or less 30 hours to implement. Meplis performed testing before handover to the client for testing. Small groups of physicians and the coordinators tested the algorithms thoroughly together with the exported data to see if there were any remaining inconsistencies. 

Measuring protocol adherence supports the learning healthcare system as it makes comparing outcomes more consistent and insightful. 

We thank the ESGE for trusting Meplis for this innovative solution. 

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    European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
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