Surgical Excellence Community

Physician community with embedded social network, livestreams and content on web and mobile apps for Android & iOS. Participants can go through structured learning pathways and interact with peers and KOLs in the network. Ability to activate language based networks. Available in english and simplified chinese.

Social Network

The social network in allows physicians to discuss procedures and refer to content embedded in the applications.This facilitates rich and engaging discussions about the topics. Every procedure can have a particular social network.

Debrief Support Module

The opcab debrief module is a decision support tool that allows physicians to monitor if they have correctly followed the procedures throughout all the cases they perform. No patient identifiers are added. Data delivers insights into knowledge debt, performance and protocol clarity to support a learning healthcare system approach.

Global Outreach

Medtronic Inc. launched the project to allow physicians to interactively learn complex surgical techniques and follow documented procedures. 

Global events are added to the portal and made available as on-demand videos. Decision support tools help physicians identify knowledge gaps and continuously improve their skills, impacting patient outcomes throughout their careers.

We thank Medtronic for choosing Meplis as a trusted supplier for this HCP engagement project. 

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