Emersive Distant Supervised Learning

The MyVirtualSurgery.com portal is a closed invite-only project that allows surgeons worldwide to improve their knowledge and skills related to anastomosis, mitral valve repair and aortic root procedures. Surgeons train at home on low fidelity simulators and send their own performance to expert evaluators t receive feedback in a structured education pathway.

Individual Feedback

Surgeons that send video and image submissions as part of the skills evaluations, receive qualitative and quantitative feedback from expert evaluators. Additional communication is supported between evaluator and participant. This setup creates a great experience for surgeons and gives a better return than traditional video based portals for training.

Worldwide Submissions

The MyVirtualsurgery.com project from Johnson & Johnson Ethicon has submissions from users in over 100 different countries and people request access every day.

Winning HCP Engagement

Johnson & Johnson Ethicon embarked on an innovative training approach with Meplis, using structured training of surgical skills by decomposing into teachable components, following the science of learning.

MyVirtualSurgery was able to train thousands of surgeons worldwide and improve their technical skills for the rest of their careers, no doubt having a major impact on patient outcomes considering the average number of patients per surgeon per year. 

The project, expert evaluators, and Johnson & Johnson are overwhelmed with positive feedback. The project won 3 James Burke Marketing Innovation Awards at J&J for professional education, the last one being the Global Award.  

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