Training the Trainer

Sportmed offers a variety of training modules for physical testing, training and coaching directed to 'LifeStyle' consumers and performance oriented athletes and sports lovers. Focus is on target audience related coaching following the SportMed Vision, allowing physical trainers and coaches to expand their offerings in cardio guidance and increase their revenue.

Paid Educational Modules

Trainers can buy access to educational content and courses to improve their knowledge and increase their offerings and revenue.

Content Libraries

Sportmed makes use of the Meplis libraries and file sharing systems, offering searchable lists of documents in a variety of formats. The backend system allow to upload thumbnail pictures for all the files so the applications and library navigation looks attractive to end users.

Self Managed Environments

SportMed is an example of a customer completely self-managing their environment and making use of out-of-the-box Meplis SaaS solution functionality without any customization. 

The SportMed team created all training modules themselves in the Meplis Content Management Application, which automatically generates web pages and mobile applications with content that is seamlessly integrated. 

Participants can easily switch between mobile and web version and continue their training on their preferred device, whatever the setting may be. 

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