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Healthcare SaaS

Modular white-label B2B Healthcare SaaS

Overview of Meplis core modular B2B healthcare SaaS product features organized in 6 categories. Configure winning solutions, whether you use Meplis as an HCP engagement platform, as a chronic disease management platform, or for clinical study or research software. Based on our 10-year experience in rich customer engagement solutions for healthcare, we know that most of these features are either required for success or can add significant value to your solution.

Meplis B2B Healthcare SaaS - Data-Based Personalization

Collaboration in Meplis Healthcare SaaS

Collaboration features are indispensable for any healthcare SaaS aiming to support organizations in rich customer engagement solutions. Meplis helps organizations face increasing demand from patients and HCPs for interaction and communication for effective customer engagement. 


Create workspaces to improve structure and collaboration

Social Networks

Define as many social networks as required for your audience

Libraries & Filesharing

Manage filesharing and library access

Private Messaging

Send and receive private messages from other participants

Video Calls

Schedule and make calls with peers or coordinators within your audience


Send and receive automatic or custom notifications

Content & Knowledge

Our Meplis healthcare SaaS platform has its origins in healthcare professional education and besides having become a full omnichannel HCP engagement solution we now support a wide variety of challenges such as; patient engagement in chronic disease management or longitudinal and global research and intervention collaboration. 

Content Management

Manage content distribution globally. Manage what can be seen by who

Course Builder

Create blended learning courses with multiple-choice or supervised exams

News & Articles

Post news and articles with tags to allow personalisation

Certifications & CME

Automatically deliver certificates to your audience and allow download and saving

Decision Support Systems

Offer simple or complex clinical or marketing support systems

Internal Content Referencing in Chat

Reference content when posting inside embedded social networks

Data Capture & Remote Monitoring

Our healthcare SaaS supports Data capture in a variety of ways because different use cases require flexibility. Whether you use our data capture features at sign-up for personalization, to manage surveys and questionnaires as part of a global research project or to support clinical trials,  Meplis has the features covered. 

Population Management

Manage research or trial populations form a single interface

Survey / Questonnaire / Algorithm builder

Create simple questionnaires or complex algorithms for support systems

Pathway Builder

Build pathways from questionnaires by using triggers, metadata and automation

Data Visualization

Visualise participant data or population overview data as pleased

Smart Alarms

Define muliple condition alarms or leverage AI

Livestream & Embedded Webinars

Flagged as one of the preferred HCP engagement formats by physicians, Meplis Healthcare SaaS supports embedded multi-language interactive Livestream in web and mobile applications.

Embedded in Web & Mobile Apps

Run Livestream and Webinar to your community.

Multilanguage Livestream Support

Offer multi-language spoken translation or subtitles to participants

Livestream Q&A and Stream Chat

Drive interactivity with speakers and panelists or among participants

AI Personalization in Meplis Healthcare SaaS

Personalization is a key factor in optimizing the value generated for the user base by making sure that the right content is received at the right time through the preferred channel. Meplis healthcare SaaS supports role-based,  data-driven, or behavior-based personalization using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Role based Personalisation

Define roles and personalise environment based on them

Data Driven Personalisation

Personalisation driven by data captured from participants

Behavior based Personalisation

Automate personalisation based on user behavior

Enterprise Platform

Any healthcare SaaS catering to healthcare organizations will invest considerably in security and compliance because a breach at any level in the value chain can have a strong negative impact on all stakeholders. Meplis therefore invests considerably in continuously monitoring and improving security posture. 


Discover Meplis Security by Design


Compliance for Enterprise clients

Apps & Integrations

Manage third-party apps and integrations