Drive engagement and Deliver Credits

Offering certification and / CME credits for participation in courses or viewing content such as Livestream events can be an important driver for your audience to revisit your solution

Self Service Certificates

Allow participants to generate and download certificates of completion for training on your solution

Accredited content

Have your content reviewed by official accreditation agencies and offer the attributed credits to participants.

It is important to understand which drivers you will use to engage your audiences and attract participants back to your solution. It may be that you have unique content or that you offer decision support systems that can not be found anywhere else. You might aspire to be the global reference for the latest up-to-date content on a specific niche topic. Any of these mentioned above can be strong drivers of organic traffic to your solution.

Another obvious driver is to offer accredited content and certificates to participants. Many organizations require their members to achieve several accredited credits per year in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or Continuous Medical Education (CME). You can offer these kinds of credits for your solution through the Meplis platform by having your content officially accredited by an external accreditation agency. Meplis technology holds features to measure the completion of the requirements for receiving the credits and mechanisms to automatically deliver certificates for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Meplis is not an accredation agency but you can use Meplis technology to verify training requirements and automatically deliver certifications to participants. 

A: Every certificate has a unique validated URL on them that allows you to verify who completed the training.