Manage Content in Realtime

Easily manage workspaces, news, events, articles, files, courses, support systems, educational & monitoring pathways, social networks, pages, participants and notifications from a single location online.

Self-Managed Instances

Control your environments yourself by using the intuïtive administration interface.

Meplis Managed Services

Have Meplis take care of the your environment for you through either setup of deployment services and focus on what's most important for your business.

Set up patient or physician engagement solutions on the fly by activating the modular features of the Meplis platform that best fit your needs. Implement your brand identity in minutes and create the digital asset that truly impacts your target audiences.  

Manage regions and languages easily from the content management system. Add the countries for every region and the languages you want to support for the regional portals or use a global multilanguage portal without regionalised content. 

Dynamic Tag System

Use the dynamic tag system to populate your interfaces and portal navigation in seconds. Re-organize your interfaces and navigation in seconds.

Deliver the right content to participants at the right time by activating AI-driven personalization and creating behavioral profiles of users. Participants can allow you to use behavioral data to offer them more relevant content and reduce their search costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, it is perfectly fine to just have mobile applications for iOS and Android created for your environment if you don't want a web portal.

A: Yes, you cn jst start with a global region as default. You can regionalise content at any later time and/or add more languages.

A: Yes, there are plenty of mechanisms to control access to your environments. You can e.g. only allow people that you invite specifically or allow sign-up but review signup data before approving access.

A: Yes, you can make specific content available only after a purchase. You can e.g. offer courses or additional content as in app sales in the appstores.