Rich Engagement with support systems

Differentiate from competitors by offering tools to HCPs or patients to facilitate their daily lives and practices. Use algorithms implemented in simply programs to allow participants to find answers, information, guidelines or the right support channels on the fly. Capture insights on the go!

Diagnostic Decision support systems (DDSS)

Speed up diagnose process from data gathering remotely from patients and from HCPs during consultation. Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) to support delivery of quality care.

Shared Decision Making (SDM) tools

Help patients and healthcare providers make specific choices from among available healthcare options to support informed decision making.

Use Meplis systems to create engaging Decision support systems (DSS) that are evidence-based and include data from a variety of sources. Help improve quality, and safety, increase efficiency, and reduce healthcare costs

Offer support systems as part of your engagement solution, whether you use a direct portal strategy or offer a pre-configured co-branded solution to every one of your customers to aid in improving care for their patients (cascade engagement).

Talk to us to discuss how you aim to use Decision support systems and let us set up a demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, we offer the technology for yo to easily create them, the services to implement them and the interfaces to delver them to your target audience

A: That is entirely up to you and depends on the usage policies you implement. You can choose to have the right to analyse depersonalised data for protocol improvement or not save any data at all.