Engage your audience with Livestream

Meplis has embedded Livestream in the end user interfaces for web and on the mobile apps. Leverage from one engagement to another and keep audience and data inside the community

Preferred format for HCPs

Studies have shown that most physicians consider Webinars and Livestreams as their preferred form of engagement with industry.

Don't miss anything with On-demand

After a Livestream Meplis immediately makes the on-demand video available for yo to post as an asset in your community to allow people who missed it to view.

Fully Managed Events

Meplis helps organizations set up and organize Livestream events or series, including pre-recording services and video editing.

The applications have customizable event registration pages with opt-in/out functionality for participants and provide up-to-date views on registrations.

Meplis also supports hybrid on-premise / online events, typically with a Live recording team on-premise, which can either be your recording team or subcontracted through us.  

We are with you through the entire Live event, managing Orchestration, and have extensive experience with KOL Livestream and panels.

Community Campaign

We have a series of automatic emails to smoothen out the registration and attendance of your audience. Sending invite emails or push notifications to your community about upcoming events is the most effective way to get attendance. 

You can advertise on social media platforms and we provide you with tracking UTM codes based on your event URL to monitor conversion and drive new audiences to your community.

Once registered for the event, registrants receive an email with the .ico for their agendas. We can send additional emails on the day of the event if the users opt-in on that or push notifications if the user has the mobile app version of your solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, to use our technology, you need a license with quota. Make sre to verify if there wold be no benefit to have a commnity instead of a one-time event.

A: Yes, there is a limit on the number of Livestream events as described in your License and eventually your Deployment services pack.