Double up with Interactive Livestream

Having your audience ask questions to panelists during a Livestream Webinar or allowing parallel discussions among viewers add true value to the event

Livestream Q&A

The Q&A feature is one-directional and only allows participants to send a question to the organizers in a simple Q&A box under the Livestream viewer. Organizers or hosts can review the incoming questions before sending them to a speaker.

Livestream Chat

Another level of interaction for Livestreams is offered by the Chat functionality, which resides in the same view as the main video transmission. As people mainly talk about the Livestream in chat, barriers for participants to engage are lower.

When organizing a webinar or Livestream, you make considerable investments as part of an awareness, educational, or skills transfer initiative. Giving participants the chance to become active participants makes the experience better for all.

As people interact during a Livestream they get to know each other online and this lays the foundation for further interaction and collaboration inside your community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Participants that are not following the Stream Chat roles can be removed by the admin.

A: Conference calls allow everyone to talk inside a meeting room, while Livestream is technology to distribute content to a large audience where only speakers, panelists and hosts are able to talk. It is possible to Livestream a conference call however.