Engage a wider audience with every event

Get more return out of your investments in prominent speakers and panelists. Make sure your audience has the best possible user experience and get cveale for the time they participate in your event.

Multi-language Subtitles

Meplis support both live subtitles through third party specialised services and manually reviewed subtitles for Live Streaming of pre-recorded events.

Spoken translation

We allow up to 8 different spoken languages simultaneously out of the box. These can be reviewed thanslations for pre-recorded events or Live translations by specialists on full Live events

Livestream events can be quite a stressful experience for both organizers and speakers. Having an experienced partner like Meplis can make a difference in realizing the full potential of the event or event series. 

You can make events open to all or only to registered users in your community. We can unify the signup process so participants become community members. 

Livestream events are an effective way to grow the user base in your community and reduce remarketing time and costs for follow-up engagements with the same audience. Take advantage of the ecosystem effect that the Meplis communities can create for your organization. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we support multi-agency collaboration

A: Yes, alterations of translations can be done after the event to create a high quality on demand video for your community.