Don't miss a thing with Push Notifications

Meplis technology holds a variety of mechanisms to send notifications to participants and administrators

Automatic Notifications

Meplis has a range of predefined notifications which can be activated, such as for comments in social networks or private messaging or new content being made available.

Custom Notifications

We support that administrators send custom push notifications to a selected audience wthin the communty.

Notification Cascade

Meplis can support a notification cascade strategy, wherein the notification can be sent in another format if received is not confirmed by the participants or a desired action has not been taken. 

Administrators could configure that an unanswered mobile app push notification would be followed by an SMS or a Whatsapp message. If those would also remain unanswered, the notification would further cascade to sending a voice phone message, etc. 

This feature can be particularly useful in chronic disease management or patient treatment adherence programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, participants can select which types of notifications they want to receive in their personal settings

A: Yes, in support of an omnichannel communication we can deliver notifications at the best possible time for the end user.