Extendible Care & Educational Pathways

Create pathways with ease by combining programs built in the survey/questionnaire/algorithm builder. Link them together using a variety of triggers. Add metadata, reminders, alerts, responder types and policies. Start simple and gradually build out the pathways as your target population moves through them

Personalised Pathways

Unlock features using several components from our chain builder that give access to content, courses and social networks based on data captured in pathways

Multi Stakeholders Participation

Have clinicians, patients and administrative staff all as participants in the pathways and guide the patients through the care delivery process.

Implementation & Technical Support

Reduce your time to deployment by working with Meplis Implementation services. Creating pathways can be challenging and having experience at your side can save resources and protect your ROI.

Meplis also offers deployment services; such as end-user support given by a nurse to help patients in chronic disease management or remote patient monitoring programs after discharge. Onboarding patients and making sure they know how to take advantage of the technology is crucial in guarding and improving patient experience and satisfaction  

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Patient engagement requires a mix of features; sch as dynamic content and interactions. Don't only rely on questionnaires, since patients will loose interest if they don't see how the data is being used to their benefit.

A: Yes, longitudinal scoring for risk stratificaton is perfectly possible by combining the algorithm builder and pathway builder