Easily manage populations is Trials or Follow-up

Meplis has a seperate interface to allow teams to productively manage populations by setting up pathways, sending reminders, receiving alerts and smart alarms and by allowing them to immediately contact participants through chat.

Manage by Exception

Save time and resources managing large populations by being informed when outliers are detected or patients when deviate from the expected treatment pathway.

Chat with participants

Improve care coordination and instantly chat with participants from the management interface with access to data and insights captured from them.

Coordinate better by using our multi-tenant system that allows you to set up patient monitoring or support systems for every department within your organization or for every customer you have, completely separating data and access rights. 

Review onboarding, policy acceptance, and completion rates in the dashboards. Take bulk actions to increase efficiency and send reminders or messages to participants 

Drill down to individual patients or participants to see their progress within the treatment or educational pathways. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you can have a license for just yor practice and yor patient population

A: Yes, we support integrations with interoperable standards such as HL7 Fhir

A: Yes, you have a role based system inside the population management system that allows you to give roles to collaborators

A: Yes, it has been used to monitor protocol adherence by physicians, to help students answer questions to obtain accredited content certificates and to simply capture data in engagement portals.