Multiple Stakeholders in Single App

Deliver value to every stakeholder. Meplis technology contains a role based system that allows you to predefine access rights and features. When inviting a user into a specific role, their application interface will be completely adapted to contain the tools they need.

Signup personalisation

Have participant select their role upon signp and automatically load the most valuable interface for them.

Invite personalisation

Invite people into a role and upon signup with the invitation email, participants will automatically be assigned the right interface features and access rights.

As you define roles, you will be able to intuïtvely give authorizations to library folders, files, social networks, contacts, courses, content, administrative interfaces, population management interfaces, etc.

It is also possible to have a different dashboard page layout for the different roles. This reduces search costs and makes the interfaces more user-friendly and end-user-centric

As you roll out a chronic disease management solution for providers or have an HCP engagement solution that supports interaction between sales reps and care providers, the role-based system avoids having to configure rights for individual users and reduces error. 

Meplis supports organizations in the setup of roles and authorizations for customers. See our services section for more information. 

Freqently Asked Questions

A: Yes, roles can easily be changes. We can also support you in migrating sers from one role into a new role.

A: You can invite participants through email, by sending a URL through any channel, by making available a QR code or by distributing access tokens. Other mechanisms are available.