Enterprise Security

Meplis makes continuous efforts to improve security posture by using an Information Security management system and having services such as Pentesting, Vulnerability scanning, Data Loss prevention Systems, Backup services, Logging, Altering and Disaster recovery.

Infrastructure & Physical Security

We use Amazon AWS as cloud infrastructure provider.

Data Protection

Customer data is encrypted in transit via industry standard HTTPS and TLS. At Meplis all data is also encrypted at rest

In an ever-changing landscape, there is no such thing as 100% security. Nevertheless, having a proactive attitude and working relentlessly to discover and mitigate risks and threats is essential in building and maintaining a security posture.  

Meplis is an identity provider for all user applications on the Mepls platform. All users require a Meplis account. This helps us enforce continuously improving security standards to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Since we work with sensitive data, security has always been a priority for us, well before the introduction of more stringent regulatory frameworks. 

Working with Enterprise clients, we have external annual security risk assessments and always take immediate action if anything can be improved. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, users are able to activate two-factor-authentication on their accounts and customers can require users to have 2FA activated to use their solution

A: Yes, after a interval of non-activity, Meplis system will disconnect the users automatically