Tailor to your needs

Gather people, information, features and more in workspaces. They will have their purpose within the bigger environment and can be used to separate audiences, functionality, data, etc. Participants can be allowed to interact within the workspace.

e.g. Content Workspaces

Use workspaces to organize by individual topics; such as therapeutic areas, diseases, courses, classes, etc.

e.g. Role based workspaces

Organize participants by their different roles e.g. patients and physicians. You can split up your environment into separate workspaces for these audiences.


Ecosystems and Communities

Workspaces are subdivisions for content, features, audiences, events, and files to reach your objectives.

The obvious benefits are that workspaces:

  • allow to organize the coupling of all other features, content, systems, etc
  • have logically separated data
  • can have their landing pages and mobile applications
  • can have their administrators
  • will allow people to interact within them

Frequently asked questions

A: No, you can choose not to subdivide your environment into workspaces

A: Yes, you can change workspace subdivisions at any time. 

A: Yes, workspaces can be hidden from participants