Custom Development & Integrations

Meplis HCP and Patient engagement platform - custom development

Closing the Gap

Any well defined solution might require alterations of or custom development of new features or third-party integrations to be fully effective in creating the expected value. Meplis supports you to close the Gap.

Custom Code

Meplis develops custom code for clients; whether for frontend customization or to add a specific backend functionality.


We can integrate with the third party Apps and APIs used by your organization or that are required to complete the projected solution.

Meplis is an open health collaboration platform that offers a significant amount of technology and services for customer engagement and a variety of other use cases. For certain features, we like to rely on global standard third-party solutions to improve usability, facilitate end-user adoption, reduce overall project costs, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please contact us to understand what you want to achieve and how it can be mutually beneficial.

A: No, that is not really the intention, but please let us know if you want to offer services through Meplis to our client base.