Deployment & Project Management

Meplis HCP and Patient engagement platform - deployment-services

Enterprise Management

We manage projects for customers end-to-end. Avoid hiring more headcount and outsource project management and deployment to Meplis' experienced professionals.

Deployment pack

Meplis packages annual services in deployment packs for dynamic content implementations, managed Livestreams, reporting and global affiliate collaboration. This allows for transparency and support budgeting & planning.

Daily Management

Large projects may require considerable management. Meplis works with your management team to stay completely up to date and aligned on progress, requirements and to manage the ROI.

Depending on the engagement solution you are running on Meplis, management & deployment services reqirements can differ greatly. Static continuous medical education project might not require any services after setup if no content is added or everything is self-managed.

Other business objectives can require larger high velocity dynamic content strategies to successfully engage target audiences.  Meplis offers all the services you need to keep your project attractive and innovative. 

External KOL Livestreams

As part of a deployment pack, Meplis can manage events with parties outside your organization, such as KOLs. 

We have extensive experience in collaborating with health professionals in the context of content creation, recoding and Live events. 

Tech & End User Support

Meplis has standard SLAs depending on your license type and also offers end user support as a service.

We hire specific staff for your support needs for long term contracts; such as nurses or administrative staff. 

Freqently Asked Questions

A: Yes, but keep in mind that planning services in deployment packs allow us to offer more attractive rates and better service. 

A: Yes, Meplis supports subcontracting and third-party agency collaboration.