Revolutionize Medtech HCP Engagement.

Discover how our innovative Meplis platform can reshape the way you interact with healthcare professionals (HCPs), Foster collaboration, and drive your success. Discover Medtech HCP Engagement solutions below.

HCP | KOL Collaboration Hub

Establish a dedicated collaboration hub for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Provide valuable input during the device design phase. Capture insights and recommendations to inform your development team.

Clinical Trial Management

Streamline and optimize clinical trial processes, incorporating valuable insights gathered from KOLs and other stakeholders during the design phase. Ensure alignment with real-world needs.

Omnichannel Physician Engagement

Support your omnichannel strategy with Meplis technology through multi-channel communication, AI-personalized content delivery, interactive educational tools, virtual Livestream events, real-time information sharing, RWD evidence, and Treatment decision support. Provide a holistic experience that aligns with HCP preferences and work styles.

Cascade Patient Engagement

Empower Healthcare professionals for enhanced patient care. Equip HCPs with patient monitoring, personalized AI-driven patient education, and improved communication solutions from Meplis. Gather cross-practice RWD insights and feedback while offering a complete solution beyond the product.

Real World Data (RWD)

Our integrated solution offers a seamless and holistic approach to leverage RWD effectively throughout the medical device development lifecycle. Collect patient-reported outcomes and experiences. Prioritize data privacy and security with Meplis's robust solutions. Turn RWD insights into actionable intelligence for evidence-based decision-making.

Communication Platforms

Empower physicians to securely connect and schedule virtual consultations with industry-leading Key Opinion Leaders. Foster knowledge exchange and drive innovation in healthcare. Allow physicians to see expert advice on challenging cases. Offer a collaborative environment that drives informed decision-making and improves patient outcomes.

The Cascade Effect - Medtech HCP Engagement and Patient Impact

Continuous Value Cycle

Experience synergy across the entire healthcare ecosystem with our unified enterprise solution. Each phase in the lifecycle propels the success of the next.

Opt for our integrated platform to streamline operations, saving both time and costs. Centralizing processes across the healthcare lifecycle not only reduces financial overhead but also enhances organizational efficiency, promoting seamless collaboration, and accelerating the pace of innovation. 


In the evolving landscape of healthcare, Meplis facilitates a cascade of rich engagement, empowering the medical device and Medtech industry to collaborate with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and, in turn, enhance patient care through advanced monitoring, education, and communication tools.

Beyond offering direct Medtech HCP engagement with professional education and decision support systems, the cascade approach equips HCPs with advanced tools for patient monitoring, personalized patient education, and secure communication.

The cascade approach enhances patient understanding, adherence, and involvement in informed decision-making.

Physicians offer enhanced patient care and work towards improving outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction. HCPs reduce time on education, making the time they spend with patients more valuable and impactful and their practices more efficient.

Industry innovations positively impact healthcare practices and contribute to better patient outcomes. By strengthening the connection between industry, HCPs, and patients, we empower a holistic approach to healthcare delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Individually identifiable patient data is not available to industry as each HCP will have their own instance of remote monitoring section of the solution, completely seperating it from other professionals and indusrty

A: Yes, physicians and practices can have a pre-configured pathways, personalised content for patients etc, but the interfaces towards the patients can have their practice identity without the need for industry to be visible on them. 

A: Yes, you can start in any phase of the lifecycle with a solution and build out towards R&D Collaboration or Omnichannel Marketing at any time.