Impacting Consumer Health Marketing Efficiency

We help Consumer health companies create dynamic user-centric ecosystems that empower individuals to take an active role in managing their health and well-being. We generate insights into user behavior, preferences, and health outcomes and support improved brand loyalty, drive differentiation, and increase efficiency in marketing spend. Discover our Meplis Patient Engagement solutions for Consumer Health and Pharma.

Workforce Health & Wellness Management

Drive a healthier and more engaged workforce by using Meplis technology to create company-wide solutions containing health risk assessments, and personalized wellness programs with education, tools, and incentives, Continuously optimize by tracking workforce health indicators and create a proactive approach that contributes to detection and prevention.

Provider Collaboration Hub

Strengthen provider relations by establishing a centralized communication hub wherein your organization can collaborate with healthcare providers. Combine secure messaging, file-sharing, real-time communication and Livestreams to streamline interactions. Offer detailed product information, with usage guidelines and relevant clinical data to foster provider support

Personalised Health Apps

Reduce time to market for your personalized health apps by including user profiles and preferences, health risk assessments, customized wellness journeys, wearable integration, nutrition, and activity tracking and guidelines, goal-based social networks, personalized alerts for adherence, and behavioral health support.

Cascade Consumer Engagement solutions

Work with intermediates such as providers or distributors to offer solutions for better consumer monitoring or inventory management and offer discount coupons for the usage of your products through their consumers using the applications packed with features to improve self-care such as personalized education, pathways, decision support tools, and social networks. Get market insights and drive loyalty.

Branded wellness communities

Leverage communities for consumers to interact will others to improve well-being, for coaching or support. Brand, soft-brand, or co-brand with partners to grow support and credibility. Pack with Livestreams, personalized guidance, integrate wearables, wellness pathways, and partner services. Improve patient engagement in pharma and build customer success.

Nutricion Management Programs

Position your products with additional AI-empowered tools to personalize content based on consumer goals. Help consumers find the most suitable product from your range and monitor relevant health indicators. Aid health professionals in discovering malnutrition in treatment pathways to improve patient outcomes. Couple discount coupons delivered through application use and track with marketing intelligence to grow market share or size.

Collaborative Patient engagement in Pharma and Consumer health - Synergy beyond going solo

Consumer health organizations struggle to find an effective way to create differentiation value for their products through technology. Sometimes this can be because their product is only used in certain specific cases of a more complex care or treatment pathway. Investing in a full pathway improvement solution alone and carrying all the costs can be reasonable.

Meplis has the technology to create patient engagement solutions for Pharma in collaboration with you and partner organizations that have products or services in other sections of the pathways

We can help you find the complementary partners you seek to improve outcomes, and perceived value and strengthen consumer relations. Reach out to explore possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you can either customize the existing SaaS offerings to save time and money or we can develop completely new interfaces for you on the micro-services backend architecture using Meplis API. 

A: Yes, Meplis uses interoperable standards such as HL7 FHIR. We can also create custom integrations on demand. 

Yes, Meplis solutions are white-label and can be branded to your needs. Meplis is currently identity provider for all applications on the Meplis platform for security reasons.