Meplis Patient Engagement Solutions

Meplis Patient Engagement Solutions is an out-of-the-box B2B SaaS to help healthcare organizations boost patient satisfaction, treatment, or medication adherence, and improve patient experience and outcomes. Patient shared decision-making is a cornerstone of medical practice and required patients to be well informed. Besides the important benefits of patient engagement software for patients and healthcare providers, our solution helps organizations drive marketing efficiency and brand loyalty. Our Digital Patient Engagement Platform combines AI-driven personalized patient education, remote monitoring, patient pathways/journeys, direct real-time communication channels, support communities with social networks, etc.

Complete Patient Engagement - Meplis Technology Features

In the section below, we give an overview of the standard key features that come with the Meplis Patient Engagement solutions. Furthermore, you can enable or disable any feature with ease in the administration interface. Add any other feature from our Meplis product feature listing to better fit your organization’s objectives. 

Furthermore, Meplis also supports customization, adding custom features or integrations with your or third-party solutions and APIs to complete your solution.

Going with a SaaS solution provider like Meplis will significantly reduce your risks, time to market, and custom development-related costs.

Population Management

Our Meplis patient engagement platform has a population management interface to allow administrators or clinical staff to get insights in conversion rates, adoption, activity, churn, etc. Clinical staff can also view individual patient progress through the patient journeys or pathways. Invite patients through emailing, sharing QR code, sharing signup link, individual access codes, rule based systems or through other integrated mechanisms with patient record systems.

Workspaces and Multi-tenant SaaS

Launch Patient engagement solutions directly from industry to patient, from healthcare provider to patient or from industry through providers to patients. Separate Populations in different logically separated environments where medical teams only see their patients. This allows not only hospitals to have a tenant for every department, but also allows industry to provide the implemented digital software solutions to a wide variety of clinics or healthcare providers.

Pathway / Journey Builder

A key element of patient engagement is the design and implementation of the patient pathways. Often starting with a baseline assessment, followed by immediate personalization to best fit the individual patient's needs and preferences. Automate the activation of a variety of relevant features, such as contacts, content, communication channels, tools and remote patient monitoring questionnaires, etc.

Questionnaire / Algorithm builder

Our patient engagement solution offers a powerful questionnaire / algorithm builder that allows for the creation of remote patient monitoring questionnaires and complex decision trees. Use the algorithms in the pathway builder. The interface is drag and drop and has modules for a variety of questions; checkbox, text, numbers, dates, audio / video / files, etc. The algorithms can also unlock and activate contacts, social networks, content, etc.

Collaborative Content Management

Our patient engagement system comes with a powerful content management system that supports text, files, images, video, scheduled physical, Livestream, or hybrid events, data, libraries, pathways, and more. Organize content in educational pathways for patient engagement. Several people can collaborate on the content management at the same time in one or several pathways to which they received administrative access right.

Flexible tagging system

Our tagging system allows you to tag your content. This facilitates the organization of your patient engagement solution user navigation and supports AI-driven personalization. Every patient is different and requires an individualized approach in terms of content, tools, communication channels and contacts, depending on who they are and where they are in their patient journey.

Embedded Social Networks

Meplis Patient Engagement Platform has embedded social networks. Whether you set these up between patients for support groups or between a multidisciplinary team and an individual patient, the ability to interact will engage your audience. The Meplis social networks have similar capabilities as other widespread social networks. Control access to the networks by a variety of mechanisms, such as rules or AI.

Real-time communication

The Meplis digital engagement solutions have integrated private messaging for patient communication. Care coordination teams can enter into contact with the patients through private messaging from the population management interface. Patients can answer in web or mobile apps. Push notifications help to notify care teams and patients of incoming messages. Configure private messaging in a way to help optimize care coordination.

Flexible Access Management

We support a variety of Access mechanisms to best support your digital engagement solution. Web portals and mobile applications can be open to the public, invite-only, or may work with a sign-up form and approval system. Invite patients through email, SMS, sharing QR code, signup URL, etc. Automate invitations based on rule based systems and through integrations with EHR systems or patient management systems.

Quick Role Configurations

Meplis technology comes with a strong Role based system that allows administrators to define relevant roles and define user presets for those roles. The different stakeholders for the patient engagement project may include care team members, clinical staff, patients, family or other relatives etc. Attribute different rights to your roles, e.g. access to library, pathways, data, insights, invitation module, exports, etc.

Structured Educational Content

Meplis patient engagement solutions contains features for the creation of structured content into educational pathways and courses with quizzes and tests. Content is created as simple steps. Move steps by drag and drop if a change in structure is required. Set content steps as "exclusive" to makes them not available by default to a participant. Automate the release of "Exclusive" content to participants by an exam evaluation, an algorithm, manually by admin etc. This feature allows educational pathways to be personalized.

Library and Filesharing

Meplis Patient Engagement Platform has functionality to allow uploads of files into library folders; aligned with the role-based setup. Configure individual folders for Patients. Make documents available for them through automated processes to provide access to health information. Shared folder can also be made available to entire populations or segments.

Tele Consultation & Call Scheduling

The Meplis Patient Engagement Solutions support calls & scheduling. This feature can be used to offer teleconsultations and telemedicine services as part of your solution. The feature can be activated for a particular patient when required or can be made available to all participants continuously. Meplis is currently adding a update to make calls end-to-end encrypted.

Mobile Push Notifications

Our technology sends automatic push notifications to inform patients and participants of new requirements or action to be taken; a new follow-up questionnaire, a new consultation that needs to be scheduled, appointment reminders, or simply to inform that a new message from the care coordination team was received. We are working on the possibility to send personalized push notifications to further support digital patient engagement.

AI personalization

Use AI to completely personalize the patient user interface. Take different expectations, medical conditions, psychological factors, individual format preferences, locations, languages, behaviors, and more into account to optimize the patient interfaces. Activate predictive analytics to help identify fragile patients or patients with low motivation and engagements. Individualized interventions can help in supporting behavioral change and improve outcomes.

Support systems and tools

Make added value tools available to your patient population. These can be self-assessment systems, remote patient monitoring questionnaires with score calculations or tools to report symptoms and issues. Tools can help patients schedule consultations more easily and reduce the total time of the care path, allowing provider organizations to be more efficient.

Interoperable standards - Data Integration

Meplis uses interoperable standards for data exchange (e.g. HL7 FHIR). This facilitates integrations with electronic healthcare record systems and other third party applications. We also help customers with custom developed APIs and services to facilitate collaboration.

Smart Alarms & Predictive analytics

Our Meplis Patient Engagement Solutions allow for the use of AI to discover deviations from expected patient reference pathways. Automate sending alarms to care coordination teams when outliers are discovered. Couple predefined actions for care teams to specific alarms. e.g. Contact patient to ask for additional information.

This is not an exhaustive list of features of the Meplis Patient Engagement Platform. However, it gives a good idea of the extent to which our platform capabilities attend the vast majority of projects. Our experience working with global Pharma / Medtech Industry and large Provider organizations has helped us fine tune these key features. 

We have worked with clients to deliver digital patient engagement, patient portals, and remote patient monitoring solutions in a variety of therapeutic areas; oncology, cardiovascular, cardiology, urology, orthopedics, internal medicine, bariatrics, etc.  

Meplis B2B SaaS License Business Model

Our business model is based on a quota of Monthly Active Users (MAUs).

A monthly active user (MAU) is a user who visits your patient engagement solution at least once in a particular month. That user will be counted once in that billing period against your quota. If in the next month, the user is no longer active, replace the person by another active user against your quota. 

It does not matter how many registered users you have if they are not engaged. Meplis has built a model that aligns with your success. Non-active users don’t create value for you and create little or no cost for us, so we won’t charge for them sitting in the database.  

You can e.g. start with a quota of 500 monthly active users. 

Meplis software solutions also applies a sliding scale pricing, so the more active users you have, the lower the average cost per monthly active user becomes. 

Meplis Patient engagement solutions - Deployment Packages

Meplis offers professional services bundled with Software Licenses for Enterprise Clients. The advantage of this model is that the total cost for your Patient Engagement Solutions can be planned and budgeted on a yearly base. 

Depending on where you are in the evolution stages of your solution, we offer support for activities such as; implementation, dedicated daily management, end-user support, customizations,  subcontracting, etc. 

We deliver these services at standard agency fees but are not a traditional consulting company. We package our services in a deployment package. 

A deployment package can e.g. contain

  • full-time deployment manager or team (in charge of implementations of content, support systems, community engagement communication, social network moderation, end-user support, etc)
  • end-user Helpdesk by Clinical Nurse
  • weekly meetings with your content creation agency.
  • monthly KPIs/ROI review meeting with your management team.
  • quarterly management planning meetings 
  • custom analytics & reports

The above is just an example. Negotiate a custom deployment pack for your organization to best fit your Digital Patient Engagement project needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can enable/disable features from the admin interface or have Meplis do that for you at the initial setup. Our business model is based on monthly active users (MAUs). Price is not affected by the amount of features you use. 

A: Yes, we can either add the features through a third-party integration or by custom development. Please reach out to us to discuss. 

A: After contracts are in place, a project launch can be extremely quick depending on your content, and support systems implementation needs. Technically we can launch within a day and mobile apps within 3 days.