Pioneering Healthcare Transformation

Explore Meplis' cutting-edge technology solutions designed to revolutionize the payer patient engagement landscape. From intelligent Care Coordination to AI-driven risk scoring, discover how we empower players to navigate the future of healthcare with innovations and expertise.

Care Coordination Platforms

Enhanced care coordination is crucial for improved patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Our platforms facilitate seamless collaboration among healthcare providers, payers, and members to ensure a patient-centric approach to payer-patient engagement.

AI-powered Risk Scoring

Experience the future of risk management with Meplis' AI-driven solutions. Harness predictive analytics, comprehensive data analysis, and privacy-focused algorithms to identify and address individual risks proactively.

Mobile health apps for members

Empower members with personalized health information through Meplis' mobile health apps. Features include appointment reminders, wellness resources, interactive tools, remote monitoring, and social networking to foster payer-patient engagement and enhance overall member experience and satisfaction.

Health and wellness programs

Drive member well-being with Meplis' health and wellness programs. Involve members through health challenges, preventive screening, and personalized incentives, promoting healthy behaviors and proactive healthcare management as part of your payer-patient engagement.

Scalability and Flexibility - Innovative Payer Patient engagement

Embark on a transformative journey with Meplis, where advanced care coordination platforms, AI-powered risk scoring, and innovative mobile health apps converge. 

Uncover the power of our solutions, backed with cutting-edge features and capabilities to boost your payer-patient engagement.

Achieve faster time-to-market for payer solutions by partnering with Meplis. Benefit from the streamlined development process, efficient project management, and the ability to capitalize on Meplis’ pre-built modules, B2B SaaS solutions, and framework. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Meplis uses encryption of data in storage and transit. Meplis systems are pentested yearly and we relentlessly work to improve our security posture. Meplis uses DLP technology and vulnerability scanning.  

A: Yes, Meplis supports integrations through encrypted connections and uses interoperable data standards such as HL7 FHIR. Custom integrations are also possible on demand.