Pharma HCP engagement and Patient Involvement

Meplis solutions can be configured to meet a variety of challenges in product lifecycle management. Leverage engagement upon engagement with ecosystems and communities. Discover Meplis Pharma HCP engagement solutions.

Innovative Research & Development support

Streamline processes and improve collaborations between R&D teams with Meplis Workspaces. Facilitate Multi-stakeholder and external partner collaboration through files, libraries, data sharing, and more.

Patient-centric Clinical Trials

Leverage Meplis integrated solutions to configure Patient-centric trials from patient recruitment, effective real-time patient communication, dynamic content personalization, remote monitoring to adherence tracking, and multi-site population management.

Mastering Real World data (RWD)

Meplis patient remote monitoring solution can be integrated with wearable data sources, EHRs and other systems. Gather insights in treatment effectiveness, experiences and side effects with Meplis patient reported outcomes system for web and mobile apps. Collaborate on reported outcomes related to drug safety and get alarmed of potential risks and adverse events.

Comprehensive Physician (HCP) Engagement

Leverage Pharma HCP Engagement communities using personalized content, diagnostic decision support tools, clinical trials, educational pathways, product updates & support, case sharing, and communication with Product specialists and Sales reps. Use integrated Livestream events and access to RWD insights.

Cascade Patient Engagement

Help physicians improve patient relations and communication by bundling personalized education, remote monitoring, and feedback collection in a multi-tenant solution where patients recognize their HCP identity and practice. Improve care coordination in multi-disciplinary settings. Combine Pharma HCP engagement with compliant patient engagement.

Holistic Adherence Solutions

Discover new approaches for chronic disease management and treatment adherence. Use a multidimensional approach and recognize that every patient is different. Combine AI-driven personalization for content, feedback, and support tools to create truly relevant and engaging solutions.

Our technology and services drive healthcare innovation, with user-friendly interfaces, robustness, and security. We are a transformative force made to improve the way you connect, collaborate, and innovate the pharma | biopharma landscape. Meplis brings forward-thinking pharma HCP engagement solutions to empower your organization to face evolving challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry. 

Contact us today to embark with Meplis as a strategic partner towards improved patient outcomes, innovative research, and industry leadership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, Meplis has off the shelf SaaS solutions ready to go. Implementing at least content and quick configuration would still be required though, but no coding required. There is no one size fits all.

A: Yes, we can support your migration and help reduce cost and time spent. Contact us to explain your challenge.