Government Patient Engagement solutions

Address critical health challenges

By using Meplis technologies for public health solutions, such as for government patient engagement initiatives, organizations can enhance their ability to address critical health challenges, promote preventive measures, and effectively engage with communities to improve overall public health outcomes.

Health Education & Awareness Campaigns

Create Meplis platforms to host health education and awareness campaigns. These can include interactive content, targeted messaging, and resources to educate the public on preventive measures, vaccinations, and healthy behaviors.

Collaboration Platform for stakeholders

Establish Meplis collaboration platforms to facilitate communication and information exchange among public health stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and healthcare providers.

Public Health Surveys and Research

Utilize Meplis to create platforms for conducting public health surveys and research. This facilitates data collection, analysis, and the generation of insights to inform public health policies and interventions.

Community Engagement Platform

Develop community engagement platforms with Meplis to connect public health agencies with the community. This involves features for sharing information, addressing concerns, and fostering a sense of community involvement in health initiatives.

Disease Surveillance & Monitoring

Develop tools with Meplis for real-time disease surveillance and monitoring. This includes features for tracking the spread of diseases, analyzing trends, and providing timely updates to public health authorities.

Population Health Management

Implement population health management solutions with Meplis to track and analyze health data at the population level. This includes identifying health disparities, monitoring key health indicators, and planning interventions

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Meplis can support the creation of solutions for emergency readiness and response. This includes tools for coordinating resources, communicating emergency information, and facilitating a swift response during a crisis.

Disease Management Programs

Create disease management programs on Meplis to address prevalent health issues. This involves personalized care plans, remote monitoring, and interventions to manage chronic or non-chronic health conditions effectively.

Large-Scale Research

Meplis is a consortium beneficiary in the Magnet4Europe project. 

Magnet4Europe is a four-year Horizon 2020 EU-funded project (Grant Agreement 848031) that aims to improve mental health and wellbeing among health professionals in Europe. The project officially started in January 2020  and takes place in six European countries. 

Meplis provided the technology for data capture and surveying nurses and physicians in 6 different languages in more than 60 European hospitals spread over 6 countries. Containing the possibility for participants to create an account and accept policies only once (providing insight into longitudinal data) or for participants to answer anonymously. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, we are open to integrate with Public Health services identification and authentication mechanisms to facilitate integration and enforce security.

A: Yes, if you see alignment between our technology and services and your public health goals, please invite us to particpate in tenders. We also participate in consortium for proposals.